Joslyn Castle

George Joslyn made his fortune in the ready-print news organization and owned the Western Paper Union. The Joslyn contributed to lots of Omaha-area companies, consisting of Sarah Joslyn’s contribution that made Omaha’s Joslyn Art Museum possible.

Joslyn Castle was designed by John McDonald, an essential regional architect. Quickly after George Joslyn purchased a farm beyond Omaha in 1893, he started landscaping it. Landscape architect Jens Jensen created the premises, along with the rock work and pools for the conservatory inside the house.

The George and Sarah Joslyn House (formally called “Lynhurst,” yet known locally as Joslyn Castle (, is a mansion situated at 3902 Davenport Street in the Gold Coast Historic District of Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Built-in the Scottish Baronial design in 1903, the Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. It was designated as an Omaha landmark in 1979.

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