The Durham Museum

In 1971 after the establishment of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (now Amtrak), Union Pacific Railroad closed Union Station. The very first idea in print that the building be utilized as a museum appeared in the Public Pulse of the World-Herald on April 5, 1971 in a letter from John Edward Peterson. He recommended that either the City of Omaha or Joslyn purchase the building and develop it into a museum. He wrote, “Possibly the Union Pacific would be willing to sell the station rather inexpensively and even contribute it.”

The station was donated to the City of Omaha in 1973 and two years later the Western Heritage Museum opened. The museum closed from 1995 to 1996 for a $22 million restoration task largely funded by Charles and Margre Durham. For their contributions on the task, the Western Heritage Museum has relabelled the Durham Western Heritage Museum the list below year.

On April 6, 2008, the Durham Western Heritage Museum ended up being the Durham Museum. The modification was driven by current partnerships Smithsonian Organization, the Library of Congress and the National Archives which have actually supplied the museum with a larger series of exhibits and programming not restricted to western heritage. The museum is an affiliate within the Smithsonian Affiliations program.

The Durham Museum ( (formerly known as the Durham Western Heritage Museum) lies at 801 South 10th Street in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The museum is devoted to maintaining and showing the history of the United States’ western region. The museum is housed in Omaha’s former Union Station.



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